Katherine Liu


Katherine Liu is a partner of the regulatory team in Stephenson Harwood, with a focus on the financial services sector. She has over 12 years of experience in advising clients on a wide range of issues in the financial services industry, including compliance with financial services laws and regulations, employment and personal data laws. In recent years, she has worked with a number of fintech startups and established financial institutions in establishing their online businesses. Her first fintech-related experience started when she assisted a e-wallet company in obtaining a stored value facility licence, and has since moved on to advise a number of financial institutions on the development of their websites and mobile apps to facilitate online investment trading or online lending. She is currently working with a virtual bank on its standard client documentation and another virtual asset trading platform on the licensing issues.

Katherine is known to be responsive and able to give precise and commercially sound advice. She is hoping that she can make use of her legal knowledge, play a part in helping the growth and development of the fintech industry and learn with all the market participants at the same time.